A few words about Central Park

About Us

About MI Central Park

MI Builders bring to you the concept of Green Living for a better quality of life.

We introduce our new and very distinctive project MI Central Park, a vibrant township conceived to give you a healthy environment with lots of natural and landscaped greenery within the campus and within the city limits of lucknow, meticulously crafted with all the modern amenities and comfortable and healthy living for you and your family.

"Just living is not enough…one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."

That is what treats you to a lifestyle that is cut above the ordinary.

Central Park is an address for a new standard of living. Homes are the way to celebrate life. Our apartments are not just cement and bricks; they are addressed to a life that signifies your stature and your dreams. We welcome you to a CENTRAL LIFE.

Specifications Of Central Park

  • RCC framed structure
  • Earthquake resistant structure
  • Elegant ground floor lobby flooring and cladding in granite/marble
  • Upper floors lobby flooring in vitrified tiles and lift cladding in marble/granite
  • All lobby walls partly in texture paint and ceiling in obd
  • OBD paint on walls and ceilings in service lobby and service staircases
  • Suitable size with good passenger capacity and service lifts in every block
Apartment Flooring-:
  • Vitrified tiles in the foyer, living, dining, corridors and all bedrooms
  • Anti-skid ceramic tiles in balconies
  • Ceramic/vitrified tiled flooring
  • Single bowl single drain steel sink with tap mixture
  • Instant geyser
  • Granite counter
  • Semi modular fitted kitchen
  • Gas pipeline
  • Anti-skid ceramic tiles flooring
  • Ceramic tiles on walls
  • Ceramic wash basin in the toilets
  • Standard CP fittings in the toilets
  • Standard chinaware tap
  • Geysers
  • Exhaust fan
  • All whether protection paint on external walls
  • OBD on internal walls and ceilings
  • Enamel paint on all railings
Doors & Windows-:
  • Flush Doors - 8 Feet high & frame in wood and polish on both sides
  • External Doors - UPVC frames and sliding shutters
  • Mosquito mesh shutters
  • Concealed wiring with pvc insulated copper wires and modular switches
  • Sufficient power outlets and light points will be provided
  • Provision for installation of spilt ac in the living room and all bedrooms
  • Individual prepaid meters will be provided for all apartments
  • Marble/Granite/Tiles
  • Split HVAC air conditioning in all the apartment (Split AC in living area and in all bedrooms)

Project Design

The surrealistic project design is inspired by the colors of nature. The towers are symbolically depicted by the names of flowers.

1. Turquoise (Green): Green is the prime color of environment, well being, durability, nature, spring, freshness and optimism from which its loveliness arises.

2. Lavendar (Purple): Represents inspiration, imagination, individuality& spirituality.

3. Lilac (Pink): Youthfulness, enthusiastic, inspiring glamour, romance& vanity

4. Daffodil (Yellow): Yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra and therefore speaks to us about radiance, centrality, vitality and life giving energy.

5. Crimson (Red): The color of love & power associated with royalty and nobility.

6. Azure (Blue): Color of professionalism, reliability and stability. Color of the sky on a clear summer’s day.

7. Dove (Purple): Elegance, mystery and royalty.

8. Ebony/Ivory (Black): Pleasantness and quiet. The color ivory sets relaxed tone of understated elegance.

9. Emarald (Green): Growth & Inspiration

10. Amber (Orange): Signifies sunshine, happiness and warmth.

A reflection of green architecture, pleasing and impressive design.

The most influential innovations in the central park design is the serenity of premium indoor specifications along with special planning and architecture.

Its properly placed house windows and spacious balconies will make sure proper airflow and natural light inside each apartment.

Keeping in mind the rising environmental consciousness the interiors have sense of harmony and purity that nourishes both body and soul. Over time, you may also notice that you breathe more easily, feel more content, and begin each day with heightened energy and enthusiasm.

The grand specifications add immense value to the desirable living spaces of highest mi standards of quality.